Who needs Love

किसे चाहिए प्यार? बस चाहिए उम्र भर का साथ।
रब की इनायत नही, कोई दुआ नहीं, कोई वादा नही…
बस एक सीधा साधा सा हो रास्ता उस पर हमसफ़र का हो साथ।
सूरज और सांझ, फूल और खुशबू, दिया और बाती की तरह ना हो साथ।
एक दूजे की ज़रूरत की तरह हो जैसे सुबह और शाम की तरह हो आस पास।
किसे चाहिए प्यार? जो शब्द पूरा ना हो उसका साथ पूरा कैसे मिल सकता है?
समंदर लाख गहरा हों, अपनी सीमाएं कैसे तोड़ सकता है।
ज़रूरत की जिंदगी में प्यार जिंदा नहीं, हक़ीक़त के सफ़र में मसरूफ़ हर इंसान प्यार की सादगी नहीं देख सकता। प्यार रोज़ मरता हैं, सुर और आवाज़ में ये हर रोज बदनाम होता है।

Who needs love? Just need a lifetime’s support.
No grace of the Lord, no prayer, no promise…
Just be a simple path, be with the companions on it.
Sun and dusk, flower and fragrance, don’t be like a lamp and a wick.
Be like each other’s need, like morning and evening are around.
Who needs love? How can a word that is not complete get complete with it?
The ocean is a million deep, how can it break its limits?
Love is not alive in the life of need, every person who is engaged in the journey of reality can not see the simplicity of love. Love dies everyday, it gets maligned everyday in tone and voice.

मेरा वो जहान

कल्पना करती हूं जहान में एक जहान हो, जहा सुबह की भीनी भीनी खुशबू के साथ सूरज की पहली किरण मेरी बंद आंखो को ऐसे जगाए जैसे सूखे हुए पत्तो पे बारिश की एक बूंद गिरती हो….।
इन्द्रधनुशी अंबर में सतरंगी रंगो के नज़ारे देख कर मन एक आज़ाद पंछी की तरह उडे और उस मोर की तरह झूम झूम कर नाचे।
फूलों और बगीचों की दोस्ती में भवरा गुनगुनाए और मेरी पायल की झंकार एक गीत बनाए…।
दोस्त मेरे सुबह और शाम हो, और हर एक दिन मेरा सीधा और सादा हो।
ना आसूं हो ना शिकायत हो, आखिरी सांसों में सिर्फ़ एक सच्चाई हो।

I imagine where there is one in the morning, where the first rays of the sun, with the fragrant fragrance of the morning, wake my closed eyes as if a drop of rain falls on the dried leaves….
Looking at the colorful colors in rainbow sky, the mind flew like a free bird and danced like a peacock.
In the friendship of flowers and orchards, Bhavra hummed and made a song to the sound of my anklet …
Friend be my morning and evening, and every day I should be simple.
Neither tear nor complaint, there should be only one truth in the last breaths.

I’m a girl so it happened to me..!!

Why a girl is always a victim of someone’s cruelty. Is it so difficult to give respect to a girl in our country? Why someone’s daughter, someone’s sister always becomes a victim of cruelty. If our society feels the pain of the pain it goes through, then the spirit will tremble.
Every day , every moment a girl fights for her honor and gets martyred while fighting.
Do not light a candle, which melts and extinguishes its light.
How many candles will you burn, how much peace will you bring.
If you want to burn, then burn the intention of such people, Iman, burn the evil eyes and burn their courage, who will never even try to lay hands on anyone.
Man can make everything but for a girl, not free society and free country where she can openly smile & create an atmosphere in all the litigants, wants to honor the dream and to be a girl.

Be a power before you become a girl and that is you. Society will not fight for our honor, we have to fight on our own.
Our soldiers are deployed on the border to fight the enemy, I wish our society is deployed every single time in our country to fight the demon.


Imagination love

Are you aazan in the morning or a shining aarti in the evening?

Are you a temple or lifeless like a holy an idol.
You are not you or you are only you.
In my thoughts, be it dreams or reality.

Everyday wait or everlasting love.
Are you my smile, tears or a person who knows me better than me?
My poetry is the beginning of you or my book of realizations.

Are you or just a fantasy of mine?
Are you a moment or every moment?


(सुबह की अज़ान हो तुम या शाम की झिलमिलाती हुई रौशन करती आरती?
मंदिर हो या एक मूरत कि तरह पवित्र पावन और बेजान।।
तुम हो तुम नहीं हो या सिर्फ तुम ही हो।
मेरे ख्यालों में, ख्वाबों में हो या हकीक़त हो।
हर रोज की इंतज़ार हो या कभी ना ख़तम होनेवाला प्यार ।
मेरी हसी हो तुम, आंसू या मुझ से मुझे बेहतर जाननेवाला इंसान?
मेरी शायरी की शुरुवात हो तुम या मेरे एहसासों की किताब।
तुम हो या सिर्फ मेरी एक कल्पना ?
तुम हो एक पल या हर पल?)


Sunrise Bird

This painting is very close to my heart. I started work on this when my grandmother was with me and she was ill. I used to make this painting in front of my grandmother sitting in my room. I used to do my work with her care. One day while I was working on this painting, my grandmother asked me, “What will you do with this painting?”
I said smilingly, “Nani, I will sell this painting and I will get money in return.”
On hearing the grandmother said, “Who will buy it?”
I said, “Nani, I will put it in the exhibition where many people come to see the painting, if anyone likes this painting, they will buy it.”
The grandmother was very happy to hear this, my success was found for her only by hearing that my painting will be put in the exhibition there and many people will see it.
My grandmother always dreamed of my success. She always used to think that in future I should never spread my hands to anyone and I should never feel any pain.
Today my grandmother is not with me, but always comes in my dreams and says that Nidhi eaten food? I always miss my granny.

My Empty Diary

It was just the beginning of my feelings, I had not even been able to give words to my feelings.

Do not know in which pages you have lost as the words of the poem in my diary.

I am unable to write even after writing you, I do not know how confused I am. Can’t even understand by understanding myself.

My diary also questions me – “Who stole your words who used to express her thoughts without thinking, who silenced her”?


(मेरी खाली डायरी

अभी तो शुरुवात ही थी मेरे जज्बातों की, अभी तो अपने एहसासों को शब्द दे भी नहीं पाई थी।

ना जाने किन पन्नों में कहां खो गए तुम, मेरी डायरी की कविता के शब्द बन कर।

लिख कर भी नहीं लिख पा रही तुझे, ना जाने किस उलझन में हूं। खुद को समझ कर भी नहीं समझ पा रही।

मेरी डायरी भी मुझ से सवाल करती है- “तेरे शब्दों को कौन चुरा ले गया जो बिना सोचे अपने एहसासों को बया कर देती थी, उसे कौन मौन कर गया”?)


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