I’m a girl so it happened to me..!!

Why a girl is always a victim of someone’s cruelty. Is it so difficult to give respect to a girl in our country? Why someone’s daughter, someone’s sister always becomes a victim of cruelty. If our society feels the pain of the pain it goes through, then the spirit will tremble.
Every day , every moment a girl fights for her honor and gets martyred while fighting.
Do not light a candle, which melts and extinguishes its light.
How many candles will you burn, how much peace will you bring.
If you want to burn, then burn the intention of such people, Iman, burn the evil eyes and burn their courage, who will never even try to lay hands on anyone.
Man can make everything but for a girl, not free society and free country where she can openly smile & create an atmosphere in all the litigants, wants to honor the dream and to be a girl.

Be a power before you become a girl and that is you. Society will not fight for our honor, we have to fight on our own.
Our soldiers are deployed on the border to fight the enemy, I wish our society is deployed every single time in our country to fight the demon.


Published by Nidhi

Artist, love to paint..🎨🖌️ poetry is my hobby and both defines me...I'm Delhi based professional Artist. Painting and poetry is my love of life. As color and pallet complete each other, my nature and behaviour completes my Art and my feelings is my poetry which makes me a complete Artist.

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